Restore Families

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Strong family loyalty masks high incidences of abuse, abandonment and betrayal.   Restoration begins as couples engage on a deep level, healing wounds that divide.  Parents build secure, attached relationships with children capable of one day raising a healthier generation.

Many adults enter marriage or parenting with a volume of unhealthy relational patterns which pull them unwillingly to repeat past failures.  As they grow to understand their individual past and relational needs, couples build skills through prayer and practice in stopping unhealthy patterns and becoming more accessible and securely connected to their spouses.  Similarly, parents build skill in correcting unhealthy parenting learned from their childhoods and begin to forge a new experience with their children.  Fully engaged, fun interaction builds the secure attachment their children will hopefully one day pass on to the next generation.

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“Adopt” a Family or a Couples Small Group for Prayer

Stand alongside parents and couples determined to correct destructive patterns of relating, taking steps that bring healing now and chart a new course for their family’s future. Pray regularly for a group and hear stories of how you’ve shared tangibly in God’s life-changing work.

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Train / Coach a Family or a Couples Small Group Leader

Facilitating learner-led activities, guiding conversations and helping participants increasingly rely on the Holy Spirit’s guidance are foundational skills that must be developed in each small group leadership team. Your one-time gift of $50 provides a group’s start-up materials / $25 per month supports initial training and ongoing coaching for a small group team.