Heal Broken Lives

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Addictive behaviors and trauma fester beneath the surface in urban poor communities, destroying lives even within the church.  Help heal root, attachment causes so people can change destructive patterns and experience the full measure of God’s love and purposes for their lives.

Trying to fill the emotional and physical emptiness caused by broken relationships, abandonment or abuse fuels the addictive behaviors and traumatic reactions all too common in urban slums. The healing journey begins as broken patterns are understood and the God-given longings, formerly filled by drugs, porn or trauma-related protectiveness, are satisfied through connecting deeply with self, God and others. 

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“Adopt” a Trauma Clinic in Prayer

Upwards of 80% of the population of urban slums live day-to-day with multiple trauma wounds barely contained beneath the surface. Our weekend workshop/individual session trauma clinics help survivors build skills and take crucial initial steps towards healing. Pray and fast with us - as an individual or group - for strongholds to be broken down, for key steps to be taken and for full participation in follow up support.

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Support a Trauma Clinic

Help trauma survivors bond with others they can trust in a small group workshop setting, finding strength, hope and the ability to tell their story without fear of shame or judgement. Give each person new skills, through a session with a skilled counselor, to take solid steps toward healing. Give a one-time gift of $350 to support a trauma clinic weekend.