Invite us to speak on topics that touch the heart of your life or ministry. We are glad to join you for an hour of engaging discussion and activity, a day long workshop or even a weekend retreat. 

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Live with Reckless Abandon

The journey which began with hardship and loss refined our faith and calling in ways never imagined. Be inspired by stories and key spiritual life lessons that will kindle a passion to discover, deepen and live out God’s purposes for your life.


Create Secure, Attached Relationships with your Children at any Age

Do you long for open, fun, deeply connected relationships with your children? Join us for a brief yet fulfilling experience of building key skills and practicing with your kids. You’ll leave inspired and able to start an ever-deepening journey that can last a lifetime.

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A Marriage Experience Unlike Any Other

Still struggling in your marriage, despite all the catchy, well-meaning advice of marriage retreats and books? Learn how to use biblically-sound, research-proven skills to stop unhealthy patterns and become more accessible and securely connected to your spouse. Together you’ll discover the joyful, fulfilling relationship you’ve longed for.