Equip Community Churches to Heal Broken Lives

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Most slum residents live the same broken, abused lives as generations did before them, with little hope for change.  Help churches become centers of renewal where people are drawn in and journey in small groups, rebuilding broken lives and finding freedom never before imagined.

Urban slum churches of Latin America are becoming centers of hope and healing via small group programs designed to bring emotional healing and spiritual growth across a wide spectrum of pressing needs. Lay people are equipped as facilitators, helping people restore broken relationships, build secure attachment bonds and live fully integrated lives.  Current groups include emotional healing, parenting and marriage with new programs being developed for trauma, addictions, domestic violence, grief, anxiety and more – each incorporating best practice steps for healing and recovery.  The “whole learning” model incorporates a broad spectrum of learning experiences that engage adults with low literacy or education through lively audio, visual and experiential activities.

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“Adopt” a Small Group in Prayer

Trust, mutually-supportive relationships and an ever-growing dependence the Holy Spirit help these highly interactive and experiential groups begin to heal deep emotional and spiritual wounds. Pray regularly for a group and hear stories of how you’ve shared tangibly in God’s life-changing work.


Train / Coach Small Group Leaders

Facilitating learner-led activities, guiding conversations and helping participants increasingly rely on the Holy Spirit’s guidance are foundational skills that must be developed in each small group leadership team. Your one-time gift of $50 provides a group’s start-up materials / $25 per month supports initial training and ongoing coaching for a small group team.