Mission and Vision


Reclaim Life is an international Christian ministry dedicated to healing the emotional and spiritual brokenness of poor, marginalized adults, youth and children.  We exist to provide effective solutions, led by the poor themselves.  Churches are equipped as centers of healing and health to transform broken people into change agents who break the generational bonds of abuse, helplessness and poverty in their homes and communities.


We desire for broken, poor, and marginalized adults, youth and children to experience the emotional and spiritual health God designed.  Our goal is for healed and healing adults to raise, mentor or influence healthy youth and children, replacing patterns of abuse and helplessness with lasting, secure and loving relationships for generations to come.

Growing a Healing Model

Urban slums are growing at an alarming rate and bear the world's highest concentrations of poverty, violence, and corruption.  With little to no access to mental health care, abuse, trauma, and addictions grow unabated, passing from one generation to the next.

We began as a couple of tourists in Mexico City in 2015, burdened with a passion to care for the spiritual and mental health needs of the urban poor.  Living and working side-by-side with local church members, pastors, and ministries enabled us to pilot biblically-sound, proven care processes taught through experiential learning methods in small groups.  In the second year, we started training lay counselors to provide additional care, with the dream that one day local churches would be equipped with both a "mental health tool kit" of small group programs and a cluster of skilled lay counselors for deeper work.  Developing these two essential programs became the core of our ministry.

Today, Reclaim Life equips lay people in slum communities to lead small groups that heal people broken by addictions, trauma, and domestic violence, within churches committed to be healing centers in their communities.  Rigorously trained lay counselors provide a deeper level of care.

Beginning in Latin America, Reclaim Life's model is being shaped to reach the urban poor throughout the world, bringing lasting healing from brokenness, where no help can be found.