Create Crisis Response in Troubled Communities

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Scarce professional resources are out of reach for the poor.  Equip skilled lay counselors to lead people on proven paths to healing and recovery.         

Christians living on the front lines of crushing poverty, trauma and domestic violence are being equipped with some of the best, practical Christian counseling resources available, all fully integrated with biblical truths.  Online/onsite training builds essential skills for the counseling process and the use of successful treatments for depression, anxiety, trauma, marriage, family, child and adolescent needs, among others.   Hurtful religious and culturally-ingrained beliefs and practices are being replaced with proven, biblically consistent mental health treatments – and people are experiencing freedom and healing they never imagined possible.                                                                                                                                   

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Coach / Mentor a Counselor

Are you a mental health professional with 1-2 hours a week to share, coaching an emerging counselor? We’ll set you up online and you’ll watch the impact of your skill and experience grow from one-on-one to spreading healing into the lives of dozens of people and family members.


Give to Train Counselors

Your support makes it possible for highly interactive, experiential online and onsite training for people living in the slum communities they serve. Set up a group online training site with a one-time gift of $200 / train a group of 5 counselors for $50 per month / give internet access to a group of counselors for $25 per month